What is Sliding Scale Pricing?

You can think of Sliding Scale Pricing as practicing yoga in a way that reduces stress on you AND your credit card. I’ll tell you exactly how it works after a few words about why I chose this simple method.

Have you ever experienced moments in New York where living here seemed both stressful and expensive? I have. When I first moved to New York, I was a barista. I didn’t have a lot of residual income to pay for what I considered “extras” like yoga classes.

My health always came second to paying my rent. I don’t want you to have to make that same choice. That’s why Prospect Heights Yoga uses Sliding Scale Pricing.

We give you a range of options and you choose the exact dollar amount that you would like to pay for a single class.  Our Sliding Scale runs from $9 to $21. That means you’ll never have to choose between paying your rent and taking care of your health. You can purchase a single class for as little as $9.

Do You Take Credit Cards?

Yes, we take all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), as well as cash and personal checks.

Can I Purchase Classes Online?

At the moment, only intro offers are available for sale online. If you would like to reserve a space in class, you can still sign up – there is NO fee to reserve a space and there is NO fee to cancel. You will be able to pay your instructor when you arrive at class.

Why have a minimum or maximum?

The minimum and maximum numbers listed have been precisely selected based on a wide range of factors including class size, overhead expenditures and instructor payments. When you come to Prospect Heights Yoga, you are choosing to participate in a healthy community that is dedicated to providing you with a positive yoga or Pilates experience. You can think of it as voting with your dollars. Whether you can only afford to pay the minimum or whether you pay the maximum, you are putting your energy toward wellness for you and your community – we appreciate that. 

Can I change the amount I pay each time I come in?

You can pay any amount between $9 and $21 – regardless of the amount you payed previously.

Is there an advantage to buying multiple classes?

While there is no discount per say for buying multiple classes, buying multiple classes does significantly reduce your check-in time. And being able to choose any amount of classes at any price between $9 and $21 per class means you don’t have to put an extravagant amount of money down upfront. Your instructor can sell you any multiple of classes – just ask at the time of purchase.

Where is my money going?

In addition to keeping the rent paid and the lights on, a percentage of your payment goes of course to Uncle Sam and a larger percentage goes directly to your instructor.

We also often run non-profit partner promotions where a percentage of your purchase goes to a good cause that benefits our neighbors. If you are a non-profit interested in partnering with Prospect Heights Yoga, please email Morgan.