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Ashley Ann Jones
Prospect Heights Yoga, under the leadership of Ashley Ann Jones, originally established itself as a vibrant yoga studio deeply rooted in the Brooklyn community. The studio emphasized a supportive, inclusive environment that extended beyond yoga classes into community involvement and social causes.

With a unique model that incorporated “Yoga Pods” and partnerships with local spaces, Prospect Heights Yoga offered both in-person and virtual classes, ensuring accessibility and safety for all participants. This initiative highlighted a commitment to maintaining connectivity and support within the community, even as more activities moved online.

Ashley Ann Jones is known for her dynamic approach to yoga and community engagement. Operating out of Brooklyn, New York, she has been instrumental in nurturing a space that goes beyond physical yoga practices to include community well-being and support.

Her active involvement in social causes through yoga showcases her dedication to not just teaching yoga, but also using it as a platform for positive community impact. Ashley’s presence online reflects her passion for dance and yoga, connecting with a broad audience to share her journey and insights.
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