Below you’ll find a few commonly asked questions. If you take a look at this info and your question isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or a Facebook message.

What’s so special about Prospect Heights Yoga?

You’ll find beginner friendly Yoga and Pilates classes in a welcoming environment. Need a little more convincing as to why we’re pretty special? Our classes are affordable and we love giving back to our community.

Don’t worry. Even if you outgrow the beginner-level, our instructors are adept at challenging when you need to turn up the intensity a notch. (We even offer a couple of classes just for those of you who become intermediate).

How do I know which class is right for me?

We offer a wide variety of classes – from restorative yoga to power yoga and everything in between. The best way to figure out what you class you’ll love the most is to try them out! Check out our class description page for more information on each class type.

Do I have to sign up in advance?

You are not required to sign up in advance; however, here are three great reasons to do so…

  • We’ll save you a spot until 5 minutes before class starts
  • If you can’t make it in, there is NO penalty – even if you forget to tell us you aren’t coming
  • You’ll save time when checking-in

Do I need to bring a mat?

We have a limited number of mats to borrow on a first come first served basis. When possible, we recommend bringing your own mat.

I want to use my own mat, but I don’t want to carry it around all day…

We hear you. Carrying around a bunch of stuff all day can literally cause a pain in the neck and that’s why we offer mat storage. For $10 a month, we will keep your mat on hand for your use (and only your use).

How do I pay for class?

For a full description of pricing and payment methods, click here now.

I’m having an issue with my account that the instructor can’t help me with. Who should I contact?

We’re sorry you’re having trouble with your account – let us help you out. Shoot us an email with a quick description of the issue and the best way to contact you.

I would love to take class but I don’t see a time on the schedule that works for me…

Let us know! We are interested in building this studio around the needs of the community and the unique passions of our instructors. Email Alli. The more you tell us about what times and classes would make your experience better, the more we can meet your needs.

I make yoga related gear or accessories and I want to learn more about your shop…

We’re always looking for vendors with an enthusiasm for making unique Yoga and Pilates related clothing and accessories. Check out our vendor page to see if we’d be a great fit for you!

I am an instructor and I would like to teach at Prospect Heights Yoga…

We’re always on the lookout for great regular and sub instructors. Check out our working at Prospect Heights Yoga page out to see if Prospect Heights Yoga is a great fit for you!